A Guide to Vacuum System Care


Our vacuum specialist, Adrian McSorley has put together a useful Guide to Vacuum System Care to help you get the most of your system.

Whether you are looking for a single vacuum pump or a complete vacuum system, Pennine Pneumatic Services skilled vacuum technology engineer will work with you to find the best solution to suit your specific application. We offer site visits to analyse your requirements, followed by additional services which can include commissioning and installation as necessary.

1. Keep it cool – Any motor’s natural enemy is heat. Your vacuum pump will require a supply of fresh air. If it is enclosed, use fan cooling.

In summer, the higher temperatures will lower the viscosity of your oil, hindering the pump’s ability to pull its full vacuum. If your vacuum pump doesn’t pull the required operating level of vacuum, things can deteriorate rapidly.

2. Think about oil – The standard minimum vacuum pump maintenance is to inspect and change your oil on a regular basis. This is the most important aspect of vacuum pump care required to keep a pump well maintained. It is good practice to create an oil maintenance schedule and stick to it.

The manufacturer’s guidelines must be adhered to for maximum usage between oil changes but if your pump, like most, is running 24/7, it may require an adjustment to be made. A weekly check is advisable.

3. All applications are different – Some may allow for extended operation before an oil change is necessary while others may require an oil change on a much shorter maintenance schedule.

However, if you do try to stretch the oil usage, make sure the oil is coming out clean enough to provide the required lubrication and protective properties needed to protect the safe running of the pump. If your oil has broken down or become dirty, you should not, under any circumstances, stick to an extended maintenance schedule. The life of the pump will be reduced.

4. Get it right first time – Whether you are considering upgrading your existing vacuum system or planning to improve on your existing installation, it cannot be highlighted enough the importance of selecting the correct components for your application right at the start of the project.

Problems can occur from over or under-specification in terms of performance, and efficiency issues such as energy and longevity.

For further information and advice, contact Adrian on 01422 321 772.