All you need to know about the Atlas Copco VSD+ range


If you use compressors at your workplace, you’ll be aware that demand for compressed air fluctuates at different times of the day, week and year. This is why Atlas Copco developed its advanced range of VSD and VSD+ air compressors.

Why switch to the VSD+ range?

Running a fixed-speed machine means you are almost certainly using more energy than you need.

A variable speed compressor automatically adjusts its motor speed so that it only generates energy when it’s required.

The latest Atlas Copco VSD+ machines have reached new heights in energy saving, reducing your energy bills by as much as 50%.

How does this work?

The VSD+ range has been specifically designed to save on energy. The iPM (Permanent Magnet) motor is incredibly efficient, and the machines boast a patented compression element and sentinel valve, which seals off the element completely during stop, preventing any escape of compressed air.

What other benefits does the VSD+ range offer

VSD+ air compressors have many other features that offer a range of benefits, eg:

·  Small is beautiful – because the latest VSD+ machines are small but tall, with a compact design and a reduced footprint, they can slot into confined spaces that even the advanced VSD range can’t fit into.

·  It’s oh so quiet – the VSD+ has an innovative cooling fan, reducing the noise decibels. This allows for installation on the factory floor rather than requiring a separate room.

·  Easy does it – VSD+ machines have several features that make them easier to maintain, such as easy-to-access parts, a maintenance-free sentinel drive and electronic water drain.

·  Built to last – during the research and development process, the individual features of the machines were designed to be robust and long lasting. This makes downtime for maintenance less likely.

·  Monitoring – the VSD+ range incorporates a state-of-the-art smart controller system that allows simple and effective remote monitoring and can integrate with your plant management system.

Why Atlas Copco?

A world-leading manufacturer of air compressors, Atlas Copco designs its products to achieve the best productivity and energy efficiency. Established in 1873, the company is based in Stockholm, Sweden, and operates in more than 180 countries.

Atlas Copco also manufactures industry-leading vacuum pumps, nitrogen generators, air dryers and other air treatment and air management equipment.


Offering efficiency, reliability and energy savings that are hard to beat, it pays to invest in variable speed technology, in particular the VSD+ range. After all, why would you turn down savings on your energy bills of up to 50%?

You can make a rough calculation of your potential energy savings here:

However, it’s also worth booking one of our free Energy Audits. Our qualified engineers can give you a more precise idea of how much you could save, based on installing the right machine for the job and reducing other ways you might be wasting energy, for example from air leaks.

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