Dunsley Heat - Holmfirth - Another Happy Energy Saving Customer


Based in Holmfirth, West Yorkshire, Dunsley Heat, a family-run business, has been manufacturing heating equipment since 1950.

Today the company supplies wholesale wood-burning stoves, solid-fuel fires, multi-fuel stoves, open fires and boilers – all of which are handmade in Yorkshire. Products are rated for energy efficiency and compliant with legislation coming into force up to 2022.

Project date: 2017

Project overview:

The installation of a new variable speed drive compressor, offering significant energy and cost savings.

What was needed: The company was running two fixed-speed compressors, an old Atlas Copco machine and an Ingersoll Rand ML30 – both high energy users.

What was needed:

The company was running two fixed-speed compressors, an old Atlas Copco machine and an Ingersoll Rand ML30 – both high energy users.

What we did:

After a site visit, the Ingersoll Rand machine was data logged and an estimate was produced to demonstrate the potential energy savings of switching to a new, variable speed drive air compressor.

The data logging showed that the Ingersoll Rand machine was using around 58,550 kW hours per annum, compared with 15,000 kW hours that a new Atlas Copco VSD+ machine would use. The overall reduction of 74.38% represented projected savings of £4,355 a year.

At the end of 2017, PPS supplied and installed an Atlas Copco GA15VSD+ Pack Floor Mounted Rotary Screw Compressor. The air-cooled, oil-injected machine comprised a high-specification IE4 Interior Permanent Magnetic electric motor and the latest generation Graphical Menu-Driven programmable controller.

Why PPS?:

Dunsley Heat was looking for a new supplier to provide a top-quality service and was keen to work with a local company, which is why Alan Tinker chose PPS.

Not only did PPS provide advice on the new compressor, but we made it easier for Dunsley Heat to purchase it by helping the company to apply for a Leeds Area Grant. After showing the grant providers the data logging figures, Dunsley Heat received the maximum grant available towards purchasing the compressor.

Key benefits:

Since the new air compressor was installed, Alan Tinker from Dunsley Heat has been impressed by the quiet running of the machine, as well as the savings the company has made.

“The savings have been a remarkable sum for just one machine,” he says. “Typically it’s running at 25% a lot of the day, whereas the old machine would have been running at full consumption. Also, the old machine was often left to run over the finish times, whereas the new machine has a timer so you can set it to come on or off automatically.”

Another happy customer:

“I would work with PPS again, no question. The process has been absolutely fine; the engineers turned up on time and it was a very easy, straightforward installation.

“We’re very pleased with the new machine and with PPS as a company. I couldn’t have asked for more in terms of service and the machine has been faultless – it has done everything it’s been asked to do. There have been no negatives, which is obviously how we like it.”

Alan Tinker, Dunsley Heat

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