Five energy Saving Tips


1. Do you have blowguns in your works? 

You can save energy by the installation of a 2bar fixed regulator in the blowgun feed.

2. All air systems will have leaks.

Instigate a program of air leak detection and repair.

3. Are you running your system pressure too high?

Identify the minimum pressure your system can run on and adjust your compressor settings to suit.

4. Is your compressor left running when air is not needed?

There are 2 ways to save energy if this is happening.

• Delegate a member of staff to start and stop the compressor (usually an unreliable method)

• The installation of a time switch or controller to start and stop the compressor during lunch breaks and shifts will save you energy and money.

(A 30kW compressor can consume approximately 11kW of electricity when off load)

5.Do you know if your compressor is correctly sized for your needs?

The most reliable way to check this is to have a free energy audit (data log) of your compressors system by Pennine Pneumatic Services Ltd.

We can identify what your true air demand is and how much it is costing your company in waste energy. 

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