Marshalls is Another Happy PPS Customer

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Company: Marshalls Natural Stone Processing: Cromwell Saws, Southowram, Halifax and Appleton Saws, Shepley, Huddersfield.

Marshalls Natural Stone Processing is part of the Minerals division of Marshalls. The stone processing factories at Cromwell and Appleton supply natural stone paving, cladding and architectural masonry to commercial customers in the landscape and construction sectors, and also to the domestic market.

A leader in its field, Marshalls has its head office in Elland, Halifax, and first started quarrying stone more than 100 years’ ago at the Cromwell Saws site, purchasing the Appleton Saws site in the 1980s.

Project overview: The servicing and maintenance of the Cromwell Saws and Appleton Saws compressor systems.

What was needed: For many years, PPS has been servicing the compressors and ancillary equipment at the company’s Cromwell Saws and Appleton Saws sites.

Initially, this began as a standard arrangement, where PPS engineers were called out as required. This progressed to monthly service checks, which provided reports that generated actions to ensure the smooth running of the equipment.

Because of the regular servicing and maintenance required on Cromwell and Appleton’s multi-compressor sites, PPS Service Manager Paul Thomas recommended that the company move to responsibility packages.

What we did: To help demonstrate the benefits of this approach, Paul Thomas put together a quote, which was taken up by Engineering and Maintenance Manager, Andy Reed.

“At Cromwell, it’s a full responsibility package: PPS take total control of the compressors and auxiliary equipment, carrying out a monthly check, and the servicing and monitoring of the systems, so we don’t have to worry about them at all,” Andy Reed explains.

“At Appleton it’s slightly different as there are multiple compressors of varying ages, so this site is better suited to a maintenance package, where machines are checked on a monthly basis and there are separate charges for service and maintenance. PPS has set up a computer control software system for reporting issues and things are now running really smoothly; both packages suit both sites really well.”

Why PPS?: The compressor systems at the two sites had been looked after by PPS for some years, and Andy Reed was very happy with the service provided: “The PPM [Planned Preventive Maintenance] that PPS provide is exceptional; it ensures our compressed air systems are maintained correctly so our processing machines that rely on the availability of compressed air can operate to their capacity.”

Key benefits: Since the new system was introduced in 2016, PPS has been sending out bespoke monthly reports and check sheets. This has reduced admin for the company, as the streamlined system only requires yearly purchase orders and a lot less paperwork.

“PPS look after everything without me having to worry about it,” says Andy Reed. “If there’s a problem, they will call me. If a machine has to be turned off for maintenance or repairs, they will offer me a hire or replacement machine.”

Another happy customer:

“With the recent investment project at Cromwell under way, it has been a blessing that I haven’t had to chase, check or badger anyone to ensure reliable continuous operation of our compressors at Cromwell and Appleton – PPS are always on the ball.

“PPS provide an exceptional service and I’d definitely recommend the company for anyone who wants peace of mind when it comes to looking after their compressed air systems.”

Andy Reed, Engineering and Maintenance Manager, Marshalls Natural Stone Processing, Cromwell Saws and Appleton Saws