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Case Study: PPG Engineering Morley


PPG Engineering, a division of PPG Industries, the world’s leading coatings and speciality products company, operating in almost 70 countries around the globe. 

Project date:


Project overview: 

Installation of a fixed pipework system at the company’s Morley site in West Yorkshire.

What was needed:

The machine in question often required “changeovers” between different paints. Operators had to physically remove the flexible hosepipes in order to wash them out, resulting in 30,000+ manual pipe changes a year. A new, automated system was needed. 

What we did: 

PPS installed a new fixed pipework system with control valves run by pneumatic valves. This replaced the manual system with a fully automated one.

Why PPS?:

Two years earlier, PPS had installed a panel to centralise controls for PPG’s paint tanks, so the companies already had a working relationship.

“I had dealt with Dave Jones before and he did good job installing a pneumatic control in our new compressor house,” says Stan Firth, Morley Production Group Leader. “Because this job was quite a complicated process, which required a lot of planning, they seemed ideal for the job. Not all companies would have been prepared to put in the necessary time and effort.”

Key benefits:

The new automated system has improved safety and the process is now much quicker.

It has removed the need for pipe changes, which has reduced manhandling and risk of accident. The new pipework has also tidied up the area around the machine, making it look neater and cleaner. 

“It’s quite difficult to work out exact cost savings but reducing the time needed to clean the machine offers the potential to increase output,” says Stan Firth. “Working on my calculations, I believe we achieved payback in less than a year.”

Another happy customer: 

“The team at PPS provided an excellent service. They did a great job, nothing was too much trouble, and they were always willing to give their time and support when needed.

Stan Firth, Morley Production Group Leader