Restarting your compressed air system after a stoppage period

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If your air compressor has been switched off for a period of time, we recommend you carry out a few checks before restarting your compressed air system.

Checking your air compressor

Turn off the air compressor power supply. Remove the panels from the side of the compressor.

What to look for:
  • Is the compressor topped up with oil?
  • Are there any oil or water leaks inside or outside the compressor?
  • Are the inlet and outlet grills clear from obstruction? At this time of year we have seen inlets blocked by dandelion seeds – they aren’t only the enemy of gardeners! This should be one of your regular quick checks to ensure your air compressor can work efficiently.
  • Can you see any damage to the compressor or its components?
  • Are all the drive belts present? Is there any sign of wear?
  • Are there any signs of damage on the electrical supply from the isolator to the compressor?
  • If it is safe to do so, and you feel comfortable checking, see if the motor and air end pulleys turn freely. The direction is indicated on the air end casing.

Replace the side panels when you have completed the checks.

Checking ancillary equipment (dryers, filters, receivers, oil water separators etc)

Make sure the equipment is isolated from power before inspection.

Check for:
  • Any oil, water or condensate leaks from the equipment
  • Ball valves correctly configured
  • Blockages from dust, grime, seeds, sawdust or anything else present in your working environment
  • Connections are secure
  • No obvious damage

Checking your compressed air pipework

Finally, before restarting your air compressor we would advise a walk round of your compressed air pipework. The key here is looking for anything that may be a danger once the system is back up to pressure. You need to check connections, valves and point of use equipment for the correct positioning and any obvious signs of damage.

Restart your air compressor

When you are satisfied it is safe to restart, put the power supply back on. If your compressor is water cooled, turn on the cooling water and air blast cooling system.

Please note if you have a variable speed drive (VSD) compressor, once you have turned the power back on leave the air compressor for at least one hour before starting it.

When ready, slowly open the compressor air discharge valve until the air pressure equalises between the compressor and the pipework. Now start your compressor – you are back online.

If you use a sequence controller, make sure the compressors are integrated onto the controller.

It is good practice to do another walk round of your compressed air system when you are back up to pressure, checking your pipework for the same things as above – secure connections, valves and any potential damage.

Here to help if you need us

If you are not satisfied that it is safe to restart your air compressor then just give us a call. We can discuss technical aspects over the phone or send an engineer to assist if necessary. We are keen to help you get back up and running as soon as possible. We’re in this together.

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